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Concrete is known for durability, but it can also bring an element of beauty.

Our concrete is used in many applications from foundations to fire pits. Take your project to the next level and explore the many uses of concrete and let beautiful last a lifetime.


From warehouse floors to parking lots to pillars, you can count on our service and our concrete.

Small projects to large projects, we can handle any size project you send our way. Our sales team is here every step of the way to ensure that you all your project needs are met.


Let our team serve you today for your next project.

Our experienced team works with many companies that provide concrete to keep our busy lives moving. We have mix designs to fit many applications that your clients demand.


Bring your project to life with stunning designs.

For your backyard, driveway or any project you can imagine. Our sales teams and the professional finishing crews that we work with will help you create the look you have always wanted.


  • Residential
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • DOT
  • Decorative


The CE Family is committed to service and quality from start to finish, and providing your order on time is one of our highest priorities. The sales team is equipped with mobile technology and software to handle your needs on the job to ensure timely information and communication, and our dispatchers utilize state of the art programs to produce consistent and accurate orders.  Each delivery vehicle is equipped with GPS and cameras for a safe and efficient delivery. We do all of this to provide the best customer experience in the industry. We pledge to serve the communities we build, and you can always trust the diamond.


The Correct Information

We will need desired yardage/tonnage, time and spacing of your order. We will also need the delivery address, directions, and any additional additives that you may need.

Sales Representative

We have a dedicated and experienced sales team in place. You can always contact your sales representative for information or if you need them to inspect the jobsite and answer any questions that you may have.


Our support team is there for any general, ordering, delivery, scheduling or billing questions that you may have. Let our team be a part of your next project.